Sofa gesucht.....und gefunden!

Guapas (ehemals Glenda) Vergangenheit in Spanien


LIFE HISTORY Name : Glenda


MicrochipID Number : 981100002325449 (14-1-2010, left shoulder)


Breed : galgo Español


Date of birth : at a rough estimate 1-2008


Gender : female


Height : 58 cm


Sight : beige&white


Date of entrance +
description well-being: 14-1-2010; in neglected condition, hungry, skinny teased by parasites, a deep wound on her right thigh, some scars shocked about left in the lurch Her attachment and love to her boss wasn’t mutual


History :not longer useful as tool for the hunt and breed


Character: sensitive, gentle, tender, mild, sweet and affectionate,
warm-hearted, cordial, kind-hearted, passionate, generous,
gallant, devoted, obedient, steady, well-balanced,
carefree, confident, easy-going, spontaneous


Health : Glenda’s recovering from her bad record goes off well


Vaccinations: Cocktail :14-1-2010

Dosalid :1-2010

Rabies :

PracTic monthly :since 1-2010

Bloodtest :

Castration : Yes

Cattest :cat-safe


Additional info:

Glenda is just a love and loves life to its fullest
Glenda turns on the charm
She has much love to give
With her the sunshine doesn’t come from the skies
The sunshine comes from the love in Glenda’s eyes!
Glenda knows how to get someone’s attraction
She’s focused on humans
She has an outgoing personality
From the first moment she feels at home in the shelter
Glenda holds her ground in the pack and is assertive
In contact with the other dogs she acts as a go-between
Glenda is cheerful, grateful and easy to handle if
she gets consistent rules
She’s very much a basket potato
Glenda knows how to give and how to take
She tunes life to her circumstances
Glenda is ready to discover the comfort of a home and a family to call her own!


Update: Februar 2019

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